How does it work?


All proceeds from sales and streaming royalties of the album or songs will go to social impact projects around the world. Each month I donate sales from the album, songs, and royalties to social impact project around the world. 

I truly believe music can actually impact the world and I set out to prove that. As more people share, buy, and listen to the music the more impact will occur. 

For example if 20 people buy the album in one month($9.99) that's roughly around $140 a month(we have to subtract the 30% the online stores get - iTunes-Google Play) that will go to impact projects. 

That's when Me (the artist) and you (the fan) come in to help. As the creator of music if I can create something worth listening to, then the fans(you) with the purchase of a song or album (or by simply listening to a song)  can generate profits , which I in turn give to amazing organizations on the ground around the world to impact people's lives on a real and tangible level. 


What the breakdown could look like if 20 people bought the album in a month:

$25 - = Provides Clean Drinking Water for life for one person!

$20 - Restoring Vision = Restores vision to a person in need!

$50 - Nothing But Nets = Five life saving Malaria nets for a family!

$45 - Action Against Hunger = Save a child's life by providing a full 45 day treatment of therapeutic food, enough to restore their health and secure their future.

the impact map - What we have impacted so far


Purchase(or stream) the album or songs from any of these digital stores. 




The MUSIC is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone both physically and/or mentally due to addiction or suicide. We all face times in our life where we question what we are doing here and who we are as a person. I am inspired by those who have overcome their struggles and their addictions or abuse to follow something they believe in. If you stay focused and follow you truth there will always be a light that can exist. Each of our darkness's are different and we all face different obstacles and dilemmas. To those who are struggling to get out of their dark place I ask you to listen to your truth, you know what it is, it is what motivates you, it is what gives you passion and drive. If you have never felt that, trust me you will. Many people say life is short, and at a glance it may be, but or those who have dealt with depression and/or addiction they know that even one day can feel like a month, or a year, and life seems like an eternity. I hope all of us can find a way to follow our truths and reach a place of solace and inspiration.

Many people find their truth in love, religion, spirituality, or by simply being creative. Whatever your truth may be it will come. I have no doubt in that. I know every person has dealt or known someone who has dealt with this struggle. By no means do I have any sort of answers on how to deal with a certain struggle because there are so many that each of us deals with. I can just tell you that I have experienced it in my own way and have been to some dark places in my mind that I never want to be again. So I try, I try to stay focused and stay motivated by doing things that I feel passionate about; that is the only answer that I have found so far that works for me. I hope you find what works for you and I hope you never give up on that particular truth that you are seeking.


Like most I still have my good and bad days and am still searching for inspiration every day. Like anything in this life it takes motivation, patience and consistency to overcome things. I hope this book inspires someone and motivates someone to do something creative and inspirational. That is my only goal in doing this; for people to know that your thoughts, questions and uncertainties are normal, at least to me. and that through following our truths we can overcome any perseverance in this life