The album is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone both physically and/or mentally due to addiction or suicide. We all face times in our life where we question what we are doing here and who we are as a person. I am inspired by those who have overcome their struggles and their addictions or abuse to follow something they believe in. If you stay focused and follow you truth there will always be a light that can exist. Each of our darkness's are different and we all face different obstacles and dilemmas. To those who are struggling to get out of their dark place I ask you to listen to your truth, you know what it is, it is what motivates you, it is what gives you passion and drive. If you have never felt that, trust me you will. Many people say life is short, and at a glance it may be, but or those who have dealt with depression and/or addiction they know that even one day can feel like a month, or a year, and life seems like an eternity. I hope all of us can find a way to follow our truths and reach a place of solace and inspiration.

Many people find their truth in love, religion, spirituality, or by simply being creative. Whatever your truth may be it will come. I have no doubt in that. I know every person has dealt or known someone who has dealt with this struggle. By no means do I have any sort of answers on how to deal with a certain struggle because there are so many that each of us deals with. I can just tell you that I have experienced it in my own way and have been to some dark places in my mind that I never want to be again. So I try, I try to stay focused and stay motivated by doing things that I feel passionate about; that is the only answer that I have found so far that works for me. I hope you find what works for you and I hope you never give up on that particular truth that you are seeking.

Like most I still have my good and bad days and am still searching for inspiration every day. Like anything in this life it takes motivation, patience and consistency to overcome things. I hope this book inspires someone and motivates someone to do something creative and inspirational. That is my only goal in doing this; for people to know that your thoughts, questions and uncertainties are normal, at least to me. and that through following our truths we can overcome any perseverance in this life

I want to thank you in advance for your support and guidance on this project and mission.            

Together, we will spread the word and build a school in Haiti.

How can buying music build a school in Haiti? 

Every dollar of my new album, Journey of the Soul, will go to building the school.

Each month, I will donate all proceeds from the website and every digital outlet to buildOn to build the school in Haiti. Our goal is to raise $35,000.

Start donating to build a school in Haiti here.

You can directly support the cause here on iTunes

Education is the greatest opportunity we can give.

It's the foundation for how we will positively impact the world. We all have the ability to fight against poverty, violence, disease, malnutrition and we can start with education.

Let's build a school

- Grant Wish

buildOn in Haiti

The UN’s Human Development Index ranks Haiti as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 77% of the population lives below the poverty line of US $1.25 a day. buildOn has built 53 schools in Haiti since 2001 that are steadily improving opportunities for those living in rural areas. During the disastrous earthquake of 2010, many of these schools were used as shelters.

According to a UNICEF study almost half of all primary school-age children in Haiti do not attend school, and Haitian public schools have the capacity to serve only one quarter of the school-age population. 

Why Haiti

Education leads to empowerment and is a vital means of human development. 

• Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. 

• 74% of all primary school-age girls do not attend school. 

• Nearly 60% of all Haitian adults are illiterate. 

• More than 100 million children remain out of school. 

• Universal primary education would prevent 700,000 cases of 

HIV each year – about 30% all new infections in this age group.

Adult Literacy Program

Once the school is complete, buildOn runs an Adult Literacy Program in each village. This program allows parents, adults and other out-of-school participants to gain the literacy they need to move their communities forward. In addition to reading, writing, and basic math and numeracy, classes cover agricultural topics, sanitation and hygiene, and other issues relevant to local community development. Classes are taught by literate community members who are trained by buildOn.

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